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At Exclusively SAP, nothing happens by chance. Our mandate intake process requires a nurtured discipline that is time tested and proven. Our ability to set expectations with all parties produces predictable recurring results in a timely fashion. Clients expect our attention to detail. They expect we will only assume the responsibility of filling a mandate if we can. They appreciate our honesty when we reject a mandate. When a client interviews our candidate, it is more about confirmation than discovery.

This predictability starts in our personal interview with the candidate. Great interviews begin and end with building an honest and lasting bond with the candidate. For it is this bond that allows for predictability. The middle of our interview is filled with on-point questions that truly vet skill levels that are then documented on our proprietary custom-built Datasheet (s). We become an extension of your HR department. Your needs become our needs. Your recruiters become our partners, who in turn see our candidates as high probability hires.

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